12 months with Revolut or story of falling in love with payment system

Yes dear Readers. I said “yes” to Revolut when it asked me whether I wanted it installed on my smartphone. Today, few months later, I have no regrets.

Revolut definitely is “the one”. The one to rule all others… until someone creates something even better or its creators get carried away. But now I am telling you why Revolut is so amazing, awesome and astonishing.

Amongst its many advantages and virtues, it is the option to casually divide payment that I find most impressive.

Imagine taking a trip with friends and going to a restaurant together. Everyone chooses their favourite drinks and meals and share laughter or two.

Conversation rolls easily and you are having a good time. Could it get any better?

Unless the owners of the chosen restaurant lets u leave without paying (such miracles happen… I guess…) it is Revolut that makes the dinner better or more comfortable at least.

Having Revolut enables us to share payment for the meal in easy brainless way.

All you have to do is choose the correct payment and people from your contact list to share the costs with. Even if someone forgets to accept participation in costs, the app will send this someone a memo.

Supposedly, as the checks are rarely round-numbered, you paid 66,74$ for your meal. Revolut offers you there a chance to make some savings. You can set your app to put the rest to the closest round number (70$ in that case) on a saving account.

Furthermore, this saving vault may be shared with others if it pleases you. Just pick a goal and ask your significant other, family or friends to gather resources with you.

Such possibility as the one mentioned above is not quite uniqal. There are other banking apps that allow you to create some kind of saving fund but still it is worth mentioning that Revolut can do this to and probably in a more user-friendly way.

The important thing is fact that Revoluts provides its user with this solution amongst many, many others practical tools.

This way this app becomes a true all-in-one financial management app.

Using it as your main form of payment enables you to have all crucial data as well as statistics exactly where you want – in your banking app. Yes, since the end of 2018 Revolut has had official license approved by European Central Bank.

This means that all funds you have stored there (up to 100.000 euros) are insured. Acquiring this license was actually a big step for owners of Revolut. Until then Revolut was “just” a Ltd. company from Great Britain.

Speaking of insurances – here goes another of Revolut’s useful traits.

As you may allow app to use your GPS location, you may set your app to purchase touristic insurance when you leave boundaries of your country. Moreover, Revolut will automatically cancel your safety package when you are back however.

Funny thing is that although app will follow your tracks, Revolut offers you one of the best ways to remain “a man with no face” in the world of online transactions. All you have to do is create virtual card and there you go.

You can use it without fear of someone stealing your credit card number – this virtual one can be canceled from mobile one and rapidly replaced with a brand new one.

And finally Revolut is all about different currencies.

You can exchange up to 150 various currencies at one of the most preferable ratios, by which i mean the interbank ratio. Long story short, imagine you exchange your money as if you were one of fellow bankers.

You can also set up as many as 24 sub-accounts that will allow you easy access to most popular currencies – travelling around USA, European Union and Australia will be a piece of cake.

For example I wake up in the Republic of Malta and go for a breakfast – I pay in Euro using Revolut. Then i go to work and during a break I order a gift for my friend so I buy him old edition of her favourite book – to pay for this I use my Czech sub-account.

Later I take a flight to USA to watch Lakers game in LA – I buy tickets using dollars. You get the picture I hope.

And the last addition, a final touch to using Revolut is special, lavish credit card called Revolut Metal.

This is really some premium stuff. Design of this card leaves literally nothing to be desired. It weighs 18g and is constructed from one piece of stainless steel.

Revolut Metal is also accompanied with elite concierge service and up to 1% of cashback in all of your favourite currencies – including the crypto ones.

Being either a Premium or Metal Revolut user has one other huge advantage, especially for those who fly a lot. Wonder what it is?

Access to over 1000 fancy luxurious business lounges! Revolut has partnered with Collinson Group, which is one of the best providers of lounges all over the world. If you decide to become Premium or Metal user, all you will need to do is acquire LoungeKey Pass in form of QR code on your mobile device.

It costs 25 GBP and Metal users get first one for free. In my experience accessing this lounges is really something worth consideration. Comfy chairs, peace, quiet and – most importantly – super fast over 100 Mb/s connection to World Wide Web are just a few examples of what you may upgrade your travel experience with.

Summing it all up, I would strongly recommend Revolut to anyone.

Regardless of how much you spend, where and in what currency, the usefulness of this app is beyond any doubt. I find Revolut irreplaceable as no other bank or system will provide me with so many useful traits and a guarantee that there are no hidden (better or worse) costs, fees.

If that doesn’t persuade you, try talking to Revolut’s customer service bot – it definitely proves more kind and helpful than a majority of those 100% human ones.