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WordPress was introduced to the world May 27th, 2003 and probably none of us could predict how deeply would it influence web designing. This content management systems was created as a very comfortable and easy tool for blogging, yet during last 16 years it evolved into something much more than bloggers’ favourite little helper.

Madness is like gravity…

And so is WordPress, all it took was a little push. Paraphrasing Heath Ledger’s Joker from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, I try to say that this one universal tool spread over the web design world in wrong and far too vast way. In a way it discourages creativity, as any other phenomena of such general applicability does.

As I have already mentioned, the story of WordPress begins with blogging, yet it definitely doesn’t end there. Theoretically speaking, it works well with online stores, simple forums or online photo galleries, but still… WordPress is dedicated for blogging.

Using WordPress for these (as well as many unnamed others) types of websites created something like semi-not-exactly-discipline of “WordPressing”.

The very tool, this CMS reversed the way websites should be designed, at least from web designer point of view. Bringing new website to life shouldn’t start with already chosen CMS. Picking the right toolset is ought to be the first step of designing.