SEO Consulting

Let’s get something straight. No matter how amazing your products may be, no matter how great and superb your content is, it’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that significantly determines whether your page is successful or not. 

The Internet, also known as the World Wide Web is something of a universe of its own. And it’s a jungle out there. Hiring SEO Consultant is like hiring a wildlife-survival expert to guide you through this jungle.

What exactly is this SEO Consulting? 

It’s similar to any kind of consulting. It’s both my own work (analysis of your problem) and a conversation between you and me (SEO expert), during which I answer your questions and respond to the issues you mention etc. It’s done either with means of live remote communication or by emails – depending on case. 

SEO Consultations are strongly problem/question-oriented. This kind of service is not meant to find a solution to each and every problem at once. If you are in need of more complete help with your page, check out SEO Audits

When and with what may I help you during SEO Consultations? 

I may be of aid, when you are creating a brand new website and you want to get some advice tailored to your particular needs. In this case you will acquire instructions, a list of keywords and such, which (if followed) will help you in creating good page SEO-wise. 

Another example of a situation where my services would be useful to you, is if you are positioning a website by yourself. Even a few small but accurate tips, may mean a world in terms of enhancing your website visibility. 

On the other hand I may also be of service if you’ve already hired another SEO specialist but you don’t see the results. My expertise will be of use in verifying if you are being scammed or if your issue may simply need a different approach.

Or perhaps you’ve noticed a sudden decrease in a number of people visiting your page? Google could have banned or filtered your website. In such case I will take this ban/filter off your page and tell you how to avoid such harmful situations. 

There is also an issue of external links, which lead to your page. Some of them may be of low quality or even simply damaging. I will get rid of them and help you in acquiring some new, good ones. 

If you have a SEO-related problem, just call me maybe… 

Or rather send me an email in which you describe your case and add a link to your website. I will answer you ASAP with information about costs and necessary time to analyse your case. Then we will set a date to have a conversation part of SEO Consulting. 

I hope to hear from you and help you in making your websites even better.